Dangerous Dave

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Dangerous Dave is an online DOS game. Your goal is to find the thropy and then go to the exit door. Avoid the monsters, fire and water. In some levels you can use a gun and also jetpacks. Try to find the secret zones along the way. There are 10 levels for this game. a single floppy disk. Beacuse Dave was so successful servel other similar DOS games were developed. It includes VGA which was taken then as very progress. Dangerous Dave is a 1988 computer dos game by John Romero. This game was very popular and gained huge popularity. The developers of this game kept it simple. Amazing thing about this game that it fits into It was published as a free software and was taken as very cool and simple way to past time, as the graphics and sound were really good. Guide Dave through the different levels and get the goblet before going to the exit door. The best way to kill the monsters is buy shooting them with a gun. The gun can be found in the level. Another important thing you should know is that there are bonus levels, look for them as you can earn many point there. You have only 3 lifes in this game, but you can earn life if you gain enough points.


Keyboard: Use ARROWS keys to move. Use CTRL to shoot. ALT to fly.

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